Friday, December 23, 2005

New Job still going well, less time for blogging, though!

All is well at my current job. I have now started my second quarter on my job. I have been extended for at least another quarter - officially. Unless I do something wrong (which, of course, I certainly will avoid) or if there is an unexpected turn of events, I have a good chance of remaining in my current assignment for another year.

I have three books that I have been reading, and I hope to write some book reviews soon. I read the Marcel Gagne book and I am reading the Firefox and Thunderbird garage book now, and I reviewed another general purpose Linux book.

I don't know if it is my age, the ho-hum nature of the titles of the book, the busy work I have been doing, or some combination of these factors, but the exact book titles just are not staying with me these days.

The general purpose book was one of the better ones I have skimmed in quite some time. I believe the publisher is Addison Wesley. The Gagne book distributes a custom version of KNOPPIX called Wftl Linux. Though the book references this distribution several times, it is only included as one easy way to get started. Like the other general purpose book, it really covers desktop Linux computing and does a good job.

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