Saturday, December 17, 2005

Kate OS 2.3 or Belinux still waiting!

I did not get a chance to install either Kate OS 2.3 or Belinux over the past two weeks. Between a busy schedule and K3b not properly installed on my favorite test partition, I had to either boot up another image on another partition or get k3b installed properly. I finally got a version of k3b that works with recent KDE stuff, so I brought in both a new KDE and a new K3b. Now I may want to experiment with the latest KDE on my main system - but I may try it with Kate or SimplyMEPIS - another ISO image that I have downloaded and not yet burned. If it doesn't happen this weekend, it is not likely to happen next weekend, either - Christmas, a time for family. In my house, family gets precidence over this stuff, much as I enjoy it in my limited spare time.

I did just finish burning Kate OS 2.3, and just now received the trumpet sound from K3b, indicating that I now have a good installation of K3b back and I have a successful burn of Kate OS CD 1.

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Brian Masinick said...

I now have KateOS 2.3 installed on two of my systems, my main Dell Dimension 4100 and my much older AMD 400 custom system. IT boots and runs fairly well on both systems, but the AMD is really showing its age. The mouse movement is generally erratic with Linux and BSD, less so with Windows XP, but the performance of all three is less than stellar. I am going to have to run low end, light weight software from now on when I use the AMD system.