Friday, July 20, 2007

Ubuntu looking good!

I am starting to really appreciate the Ubuntu family of distros. I use SimplyMEPIS 6.5.02 as my main distro, which gets repositories from Ubuntu. I also use Linux Mint, Kubuntu, and Pioneer Linux, all based on Ubuntu. Awaiting Freespire 2.0, which will also be based on Ubuntu 7.04.

Patriots may end up letting Asante Samuel go

Based on an article on ESPN that interviewed Asante Samuel, I think that Asante is going to go for the big money. The Patriots will have to put up pretty big money, probably more than they feel Asante is worth if they expect to keep him beyond this year. Samuel says he will hold out until week ten. Let's see what actually happens. Meanwhile the Patriots have built up their secondary a little bit. They have not replaced Samuel, but they have other options: Hobbs, Scott, Gay, Hawkins, and Troy Brown that can tide them over, plus they drafted a safety who can play corner as well, plus Eugene Wilson can double at corner if they decide to go that route.

I doubt that Samuel will remain in a Patriot uniform unless he has a change of heart and wants another championship more than a big salary.