Sunday, January 29, 2006

Got a new disk, now to populate it

I got a 80 GB Western Digital hard drive to complement, and eventually replace my existing 40 GB Western Digital hard drive.

When I installed the disk, I took out a Zip drive, which was set to "Cable Select". I left the new disk at that same setting. The disk was recognized when I rebooted the system, but one of the devices, the DVD/ROM, no longer shows power and does not respond. Not sure if I accidentally disconnected it when I installed the new disk or if I have settings that are not being handled well, but now I have a new disk but no easy way to install software on it!

Will have to open the case again... nuts! I am quite a software buff, very experienced, but I am physically clumsy when it comes to hardware. I can, and have, installed disks, memory, modems, and network cards several times in the past. Each time, the most difficult thing for me is getting the components out or in - beginning with sliding the case out correctly. Hope I can do it right next time.

Dell, the manufacturer of the Dimension 4100 that I am working on, does make everything in modular enclosures to optimize assembly and low cost of parts, assembly, and maintenance. Hopefully I did not disturb the environment, but from the results, apparently I did SOMETHING wrong!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

New England Patriots Advance past the Jaguars

I got a chance to attend the Patriots - Jaguars game last Saturday in Foxboro at Gillette Stadium - what a treat!

I am optimistic about the Patriots continuing their good postseason play against the Denver Broncos tomorrow in Denver.