Saturday, January 14, 2006

New England Patriots Advance past the Jaguars

I got a chance to attend the Patriots - Jaguars game last Saturday in Foxboro at Gillette Stadium - what a treat!

I am optimistic about the Patriots continuing their good postseason play against the Denver Broncos tomorrow in Denver.

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Brian Masinick said...

Well, my team was victorious over the Jaguars, only to come unglued against the Broncos. The Patriots have done New England proud for several years now. Even they are capable of falling short from time to time. This year, injuries disrupted the flow of the team nearly all year long. At times they did not look like champions at all, yet they had a very strong finish and did a good job. Some of the guys were still playing in the playoffs and were not really 100%. No excuse, they've played through adversity before, as have other teams.

They'll continue to be a contender, even when they don't win every single year.