Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Blogging from your phone

Did you know that with Wi-Fi network connections it's possible (and not very difficult) to write on a blog using a phone?

I'm writing today using my Droid Turbo phone.  As you might expect, the keyboard is smaller and not as easy to type on, but it partially makes up for the limitations with spelling assistance built-in and also the ability to provide a few useful word suggestions for some common phrases.

I'm finding fewer reasons for always being on a computer.  I'm sitting in a recliner chair with a power source connected to the phone and a wireless network connection to make the connection.

To be honest with you, this phone is faster than at least half of the computer systems in the house, definitely the ones over a year old.

What are your experiences using phones or tablets in place of computer systems for some of your correspondence?


Tim said...

The WordPress mobile app is actually pretty good at letting you compose posts on the go. The touch keyboard is a limiting factor as is the smaller screen but the app makes it as easy as possible heh. I've composed a couple posts that way :-).

Brian Masinick said...

I probably do more casual browsing and blog posting on mobile devices - either phone or Chromebook - than I do on my home computer systems.

After a day using computers, many times there's not much left in the tank! 😀

Tim said...

I think I need the BB KeyOne if I were to blog with my phone as I suck at the touchscreen keyboards haha. There is a good WordPress app for Android that does make creating posts and uploading media to your WP blog super easy though so it can definitely be done, I just wouldn't be very fast and there would be lots of typos :).

Brian Masinick said...

I don't necessarily type very fast on either the keyboard or on the phone, so there is not as much difference as you may think. For one thing, phone keyboards allow you, at least some of the time, to select the word you are typing, simply by a combination of the context of the sentence, previous words you have previously typed, and words that you have added to your dictionary.

It does not take very long for that collection to rival what you can do on the keyboard, so there is not that much difference. Sometimes on the computer the synaptics touch pad plays havoc with my typing unless I've been able to configure it to not jump or select text when I am typing. But if I cannot set that for some reason, I really am as well off with the phone as the keyboard - way too many typing errors when unexpected synaptics keypad input causes significant shifts in the input - happened THREE TIMES as I typed this sentence - on a Live distro before setting up parameters.