Saturday, May 23, 2015

Have you ever used MX-14?

The MX-14 distribution first appeared in 2014 because the parent distribution, Simply MEPIS, became dormant.  The community project manager approached Warren Woodford, who made it clear that he is more interested in patent consulting than in continued development of MEPIS.

Anticapitalista was approached about modifying his antix distribution to form a compromise distribution based on Xfce instead of KDE.

It was MEPIS "X'd out, Xfce instead, released the first time in 2014, hence MX-14.

Like MEPIS it is very stable.  It is more up to date, so in some respect it is an upgrade.  It's also lighter than MEPIS' KDE, it has newer tools, and because of this it's my current 'stable system' of choice.

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