Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thanks for Every Day Linux User! has been one of the most helpful and active sites this past year, and I've appreciated reading the well-written articles from Gary Newell this year.

It's interesting, Gary often credits Jim Lynch, author of his own blog at and his forum at  I've seen Jim do the same, crediting Gary for some really good articles.  I agree; both have articles worth reading, and I have both on my regular reading list.

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Tim said...

Ah, neat site Brian, thanks for the link it looks like a useful resource!

Heh, this past week I've learned some things that should have come as super simple "duh" type of things, like how to get back to the terminal from a file diff (hit "q" haha, of course!). I wish there was a common sense sort of guide for those types of things when using the terminal (or SSH) that Linux users should know.

There was also... for some reason when prompted a y/n question, I was not able to get past it because any character i typed had the carrot preceeding it. I'm not sure why that happened when it did not happen for any other prompts... but holding down CTRL and the y key let just the character appear and I was able to proceed. In both instances once i figured it out i felt so stupid but at least i learned for next time! hehe.