Thursday, August 27, 2020

MX Linux 19.2 KDE

 I downloaded MX Linux 19.2 in the recently released KDE edition.  I have not been using KDE very much in recent years and I wanted to see how the MX Linux implementation compares, both to other editions of MX Linux and to KDE implementations in other distributions.

I have used KDE with PCLinuxOS; many years ago I used PCLinuxOS predominantly with KDE.  More recently I used PCLinuxOS with Xfce and it was fine.

Comparing any edition of PCLinuxOS with any edition of MX Linux is interesting because both distributions do a good job and meet the needs of their users.  No matter which edition is used, MX Linux boots up faster and runs somewhat more efficiently.  Past research to determine the reason behind this observation and to separate opinion and bias from experiences and feelings, I found that MX Linux, among desktop distributions, loads fewer daemon and other background processes, contributing to slightly better performance that can be both visualized and quantified.  The necessary tools to run a simple desktop are always present in MX Linux and this is evident in the new KDE edition too.  It's comparable to the old MEPIS, which always featured a well engineered desktop using functional, efficient software.  The only differences are due to a decade of software changes; otherwise it's still the same usable behavior in a modern conservative configuration.

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