Saturday, November 13, 2010

SimplyMEPIS Version 11 Alpha 1 (10.9.70) and antiX core

Last night I downloaded the first Alpha Build, Version 10.9.70 for the upcoming SimplyMEPIS Version 11.0 release. I did encounter one issue: the GRUB Legacy Boot Manager was set up incorrectly, so the device number in the root line, for example:
root ,5) would appear instead of root (hd0,5) in each of the entries - in other words, the partition number was included but not the device number. It was an easy matter of using the GRUB editing capability to get in, and later I updated my GRUB 2 menu on aptosid and it automatically created the correct entry.

That was the only issue that I ran into with the very first Alpha Build for the next SimplyMEPIS release. A lot of people reported a similar issue, so it is certain to get fixed in the very next Alpha Build, which will probably be available in a week or two.

I moved on to using antiX core today. I created this distribution from scratch and put only a small amount of software on it initially. Today I added the KDE Experimental Snapshot repository to the system, then loaded the KDE packages. I ended up with KDE SC 4.5.2, which is two minor updates newer than the KDE SC 4.4.5 currently available in Debian Squeeze and Debian Sid, and the good news is that it works very well!

Now I have three complete environments to experiment with in antiX core and they all work great, plus they are tight: they only have what I have explicitly included, so they run very well.

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