Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three favorite distros currently in testing: SimplyMEPIS, antiX, PCLinuxOS

Two of my favorite Debian based distributions, and one RPM based distribution that uses Debian-like packaging tools are in their testing cycles right now.

SimplyMEPIS and antiX, two of the products in the MEPIS family, have been through several iterations of their Beta testing cycle, and now each of them has also released three release candidates (RC), and they are very cloe to release. Each of them has a Version 8.5 RC 3 now available for testing. These can be upgraded to final form by simply using Debian upgrade packaging techniques.

In a similar vein, the PCLinuxOS project is in their 2010 release cycle. They have now released two Beta test versions, but are not quite as far along with either Beta or release candidate software as SimplyMEPIS or antiX, but on the other hand, they have more current versions of KDE SC 4.4.1 desktop software, so they have newer, more cutting edge software included in their packages, if that interests you.

On my two home laptop systems, a Lenovo 3000 Y410 and a Gateway PA6A, both around two years old, all of these systems work great. I recommend them, and anyone who can spare a test partition to try them out, it helps to get as many eyes trying out the software before release as possible to locate and correct as many issues as possible so that the final releases are solid and stable, which they almost always are from these three excellent distributions.

Give them a try!

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