Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not much testing recently

When I do more testing on the job, I do less testing in my free time. I have been working since November 2; I moved from a home I had owned to an apartment on November 7, and the next thing I need to do is schedule a Cataract Surgery appointment; I have a consultation in January unless I can get it moved up sooner.

During the course of gradually moving things from my home to my apartment, apparently I did not secure the deadlock bolt between the house and the garage. Someone opened the fence to the back yard, peered in and saw some computer stuff, came in, found a suitcase, took it and used it (with handle and wheels) to carry off some moderate sized computer equipment - mini desktop, monitor, external USB drive, and printer. That also affects my testing; the USB drive had lots of ISO images, which I could test with Virtualbox OSE. Until I can replace it I will do without and test less.

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