Friday, April 14, 2006

Trying out more distros

It has been a while since I have been able to either blog or test out distros, but tonight I hope to do a bit of both. Right now I am burning an ISO image for a Debian Live Sid image, and I previously burned and installed a recent test version of QiLinux. I have not had a chance to run either of them, but I have partitions set up for both, and I have installed QiLinux, just have not tried it out yet. I use GRUB to manage the boot blocks for my partitions, so I just have to set up a few new entries and load them both, then later I will give each a try.

I do tend to be partial to Debian based distros. My every day desktop is Libranet 3.0, which is really more of a Debian Sid distro now than anything else, since Libranet's future is uncertain. I really like Kanotix, SimplyMEPIS, and Xandros, too, plus I generally keep a version or two of Mandriva, Fedora Core, a BSD, and sometimes PCLinuxOS around. Right now I have KateOS out there, too.

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