Friday, October 07, 2005

Mitrax and Wolvix

I tried out two more Live CD distros this week, first Wolvix, then Mitrax. Of the two of them, Mitrax has a lower release number, but for my interests, it better suits my needs, at least for a Live CD distro. Mitrax boots quite rapidly, nearly as quickly as most of my disk based operating systems, but it is quite functional for the simple kinds of things I do with Live CDs.

Mitrax boots in about a minute on my Dell Dimension 4100 desktop system, loads into RAM, ejects the CD, and runs a snappy version of FVWM, which is nicely customized. I did have to set up my network configuration to indicate that I use a DHCP based network, but that step was provided on an easily accessible menu, which gives you choices, including DHCP. From there, Web browsing and other services were readily available.

One of the better efforts in Live CDs, especially considering its early stages of development. Worth downloading and trying out.

I'll stick with Libranet for everyday use, but I'll keep this Live CD around for times when I want a fast system loaded into RAM.

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