Sunday, August 14, 2005

Creating CDs

I downloaded the Beta 2 release of the Mandriva 2006.0 release. Did not get a chance to test out the Beta 1 release. I also had intended to test one or two of the freely available alternatives to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), either White Box 4, CentOS 4, or Lineox 4. I tried to install White Box 4 several weeks ago but had one bad CD, haven't had a chance to go back. Have not had the chance to try out Lineox, which is the next version I have downloaded. Will try to put that on my list.

I do also have a LiveKiosk test CD that I would like to try out. I may get a chance to give it a try before Mandriva or RHEL replacements, but I do intend to come back and test out Mandriva (interested in seeing if I can spot any Joseph Cheek influences yet).

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